Vendor FAQ

Q: What can I sell on JoomlaDeck?

You can offer any kind of Joomla extensions, as long as you have developed them yourself or are responsible for their distribution. You can offer individual modules, plug-ins, components, templates or entire packages containing different extensions.

Q: May I offer different product variations with different prices?

Yes, you have the possibility to set up different downloads for different prices. For example, you can sell a basic version of a template, which only contains the installation data and also a more expensive version with a quickstart package and the PSD source file.
Also you can offer different kinds of support or licenses. Please make sure to give detailed information about the different versions in the designated box.

Q: When do I get my money and how?

If at least €50 have been credited to your account by the 1st of a month, the total will be transferred to your PayPal account by the 15th of the following month.

Example: in February 2014 you earned €850. On March 1st, this amount will be arranged for transfer and booked to your account on March 15. Money you earned between March 1st and 15, will be arranged for transfer on April 1st.
In short: your money wil be transferred on a monthly basis, but shifted14 days. If the 15th of any month is a bank holiday, the transfer may be shifted.

Q: Can I request a payment, when I have earned less then €50?

Yes, you can, you have to contact us though.

Q: What kind of support do I need to offer for my product?

You have to offer so called basic support at least. That means, you guarantee that your item works as described. If that’s not the case, you must offer an update asap. You don’t have to offer additional support, for example assistance with installing and/or setting up an extension or template. Basically, extensive and fast support does get you and your items better ratings and therefore higher sales figures.

Q: Will my product get checked before I offer it on JoomlaDeck?

Yes, we will check your product and perform a few tests. This process will need about one to two business days. In case we have further queries, the review might take longer.

Q: What guidelines do I need to follow when submitting a product?

Please follow this link and read the instructions carefully. Please make sure your product matches the standards BEFORE submitting it.

Q: How can I change or delete my product?

Please contact us and tell us exactly what changes you would like to make. At the moment all products are cuarted by us manually (a semi- automated process will be implemented soon!)

What is JoomlaDeck?

JoomlaDeck is a place where Joomla designer and developer can offer there extensions and templates to Joomla users and enthusiast´s. Everyone can buy and sell Joomla! related products (and services - coming soon!) here. To make it short: JoomlaDeck is a marketplace for Joomla!

And what´s this Joomla thing?

Joomla! is one of the most famous and most often used Open Source Content Management System (CMS) in the world. It powers about 3% of any websites on the net (and there are billion websites out there). That´s about 10% of all CMS driven sites. Learn more about it a