Upload Guidelines

Please read the following guidelines carefully and make sure you have prepared your item(s) files like described.


Every item must be given a distinct name followed by a short but concise description. Only initials and abbreviation may be written in capitals.
Good: Joomla – One of the best CMS
Bad: JOOMLA – one of the Best cms

What are the standards that my item has to meet?

…it has to work like described
…code quality and performance must be fine
…templates must have an appealing and quaint design and layout
…templates and extensions mustn’t create display error in frontend or backend
…layout and design mustn’t be a reproduction of any other existing website or application
…it mustn’t contain advertising, tracking codes or facebook/twitter links or the like
…all content of any kind must be developed by the seller resp. the seller must own all rights concerning the distribution. This includes PHP, HTML, JS, CSS Code and also charts, images, PSD data et cetera
… extensive information concerning content of other owners must be given by submitting of the item under “item credits”

How to set up item data

The download must be one single .zip file containing all data. The purchaser needs to be able to unzip the file also on Windows and Apple computer.

What DOES the item NEED to contain?

  • –  the functioning installation file of your extension or template in .zip format
  • –  a simple Readme file, explaining the installation and configuration of the extension and also information about how to get support. This information can be given in a simple .txt, or even better as a .pdf or .html file.

What SHOULD the item contain?

Especially complex extensions should contain a comprehensive Readme file, explaining all the details. The more information you offer, the less support requests or even complaints you will get.

What CAN the item contain?

  • – PSD source data/files – quickstart package
  • – example code/images – etc.

How to choose the right pricing?

The predefinition is your responsibility. The price should be in relation to the complexity of the extension. In case the price is exceptionally high or low, we might request your justification during the review process or propose a different price.
A template with basic license should cost between €10 and 50 in general.
A basic plug-in or module should cost between €2 and 20.
A complex component though, can cost up to €500 and more.
However, these numbers are only examples and given for orientation, in individual cases prices may need to differ.
Prices must be whole numbers. For example: €5,00, €20,00, €50,00 et cetera Prices like €5,99 or €20,49 etc. are not allowed.

Which pricing options may I offer?

Generally, you can provide various files for an item and link them to different item files. For example you can provide a basic template that contains only an installation and a Readme file and one more version with furthermore PSD source data and quickstart. Of course, the latter may be more expensive. Basically, the differences between the versions should be either concerning the content, the license or the extend of support (and combination of those) offered by you. Different options need to be described in detail in the designated box.

What should the screenshot look like?

The screenshot needs to be an image in .png or .jpg. Given size is a minimum of 640 x 300px (width x height).
The image can be just a simple screenshot of the frontend (resp. the backend, when it’s an extension) Especially with extensions, you can also provide descriptive images, logos and texts. You should be careful not to provide too many elements though. An inspiring example is the category “UI/UX Design” by behance.net:
If you are not very talented in graphic design, please contact us and we might help you free of charge.

What is JoomlaDeck?

JoomlaDeck is a place where Joomla designer and developer can offer there extensions and templates to Joomla users and enthusiast´s. Everyone can buy and sell Joomla! related products (and services - coming soon!) here. To make it short: JoomlaDeck is a marketplace for Joomla!

And what´s this Joomla thing?

Joomla! is one of the most famous and most often used Open Source Content Management System (CMS) in the world. It powers about 3% of any websites on the net (and there are billion websites out there). That´s about 10% of all CMS driven sites. Learn more about it a joomla.org