Buyer FAQ

What is Joomladeck?

Joomladeck is a market place for extensions for the Open Source CMS Joomla. Developer and designer can offer their items here and interested parties are able to review, buy and evaluate those.

How can I register in order to buy a product?

Just put the desired item into your basket and checkout. At the end of the checkout process, a customer profile will be set up. You don’t need to register in advance. You will get an email with your account information, which you need to keep for downloading your purchased products. You will not be able to download without being registered.

What do I do, when I forget my password/username?

Please use this link

What kinds of payment methods are possible?

Currently, we only accept payment via PayPal. In most countries, PayPal allows payment by credit card or bank transfer even without a PayPal account. If you do have a PayPal account, of course you can pay with your credits.

What do I need to consider before purchasing?

You should read the product details and information about compatibility carefully. Please contact the provider if any questions arise and await detailed answers before purchasing. If you have any general questions that are not product-specific, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How long and how often can I download a product after purchasing?

In general, you can download any purchased item for the following 365 days. You can download the very same item 36 times. I you do happen to hit this limit please contact us and we will extend it free of charge. The limit is set to prevent account sharing and hacking.

Where do I get support, in case problems with ordering or purchasing occur?

Please use this contact form to inform us about any problems.

Where do I get support, in case problems with a product occur?

As Joomla extensions and templates are specific software products, only the seller resp. developer is able to provide efficient support. Please contact the seller or developer in case there is a problem or further inquiry concerning the purchased product.
In general, every Seller needs to offer basic support. That means, in case a product does not or not entirely work according to the specifications, an update must be
provided. If that’s not taken care of, we reserve the right to block the item. You can be relatively sure, that all sellers on maintain their items and offer basic support.

Will I get my money back, when I am not satisfied with a product?

In that case, please contact the items seller first. If there is no way to settle your claim, please let us know and we will find a solution.

How can I offer products on

Please follow this link here.

What is JoomlaDeck?

JoomlaDeck is a place where Joomla designer and developer can offer there extensions and templates to Joomla users and enthusiast´s. Everyone can buy and sell Joomla! related products (and services - coming soon!) here. To make it short: JoomlaDeck is a marketplace for Joomla!

And what´s this Joomla thing?

Joomla! is one of the most famous and most often used Open Source Content Management System (CMS) in the world. It powers about 3% of any websites on the net (and there are billion websites out there). That´s about 10% of all CMS driven sites. Learn more about it a