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Hi! We are Pixels Paradise Team and we are the owners of JoomlaDeck.

Since 2005 we run, a Joomla! template shop/club. Since then we received a lot of requests like “are you interested in buying my template?” or “can I sell my work on your site?”. Unfortunately my answere was “no”. Selling the work of others did not fitting into the concept. But there was a demand and my idea of JoomlaDeck was born. A digital marketplace just for Joomla!. Of course there are other marketplaces. But they are too specific (like the Virtuemart extension shop – just for extensions of one Joomla! extension) or too unspecific (like Themeforest, where Joomla is just a sub- category of an sub-category). So in between is a niche, a niche for something like JoomlaDeck…


What is JoomlaDeck?

JoomlaDeck is a place where Joomla designer and developer can offer there extensions and templates to Joomla users and enthusiast´s. Everyone can buy and sell Joomla! related products (and services - coming soon!) here. To make it short: JoomlaDeck is a marketplace for Joomla!

And what´s this Joomla thing?

Joomla! is one of the most famous and most often used Open Source Content Management System (CMS) in the world. It powers about 3% of any websites on the net (and there are billion websites out there). That´s about 10% of all CMS driven sites. Learn more about it a